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12/12/2014  2015----2015---2015---2015
Hi, Folks:)
Just wanna say Thanx a lot for making 2014 a really great year for me and my super crew! I guess some of you was hoping for a new album in 2015, but sorry guys...maybe in 2016:)
I'm so happy to tell you that I have joined a band called Vamp:) Vamp is one of the most successful band in Norway for the last 20 years! I will still do my solo-shows around Europe, but not as many concerts as I normally do. I really hope to see Ya all around somewhere:)
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year:)
Love Bjorn b.
Oh Yeah, Friends!!!
My new album will be out in Europe(exept France-15. March) the 22nd of February:) There's 7 covers and 5 originals on the album. This time the album will be on VINYL as well.
Lookin' forward to see Ya all:)

Your Pal, Bjorn b.
Hi Folks
Wanna say thank you all for making 2012 a fantastic year for me and my music:) Everywhere I've been has been really great. I'm so happy that I have such a fine audience around the world! Love Ya all:) I've also been visting countries like;Russia; Ukraine and Poland for the first time. Really looking forward to visit you again in near future.
2013 will be an exciting year too; New album, New concerts and hopefully New countries.
More info about the New album will come sooon!
Se Ya all in near future!

Your Pal, Bjorn b.
p.s visit my new facebook site(LINKS)
10/7/2012  HAVE A NICE SUMMER!!!
Hoping everybody is having a good time:) I've been doing a lot of nice things this spring/summer. I've been touring in UK, Poland, Germany and Russia, it's been a blast! Everywhere there's been a lot of nice people at my shows; Thanx a lot!
I have also been in studio and recorded a New Album. It took only 2 days to finnish the album, I belive that's the fastest made album I've done so far.... I think you're gonna like it, folks. This time there will be a lot of cover songs too, but it's a secret for the time being which songs that I've covered:)
See U around!
Your Pal, Bjorn b.
29/3/2012  2012--2012--2012--2012
Hi Friends!
Been a while since I've updated you. So far this year I've been doing some great shows in Germany and France(Thanx for coming to my shows). The future plans for 2012 are very exciting!
In April in going back to Canada to do a sold out show and to promote Blackwood(radio, magazines etc.)
In May it's England and Poland that's having the pleasure to get a little visit of me, I will do a couple of shows there and some promotion as well. I've never been playing in Poland, so it's gonna be cool to check that country out, really looking forward to that. I've also got some interesting offers from Ukraine and Russia that we are checking out at this moment. I'm not sure if it will be this year, but hopefully...
After the summer I will be back in England, Canada, France, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland .
The plan is also to try to squezze in a couple of shows in DEnmark and Sweeden too.
So I'm really looking forward to see you at my concerts this year, my Good Friends:)
Check "CONCERTS",it will be updated frequently.
Also check out my youtube site for new songs etc. (see LINKS)

Your Pal Bjorn b.
Hello Friends!!
Blackwood has received Great critics so far!!! I'm really happy that most of the newspapers/magazines in Europe LOVE the new album.

Check reviews for more great reviews
20/12/2011  HAPPY NEW YEAR
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Folks!
This year has been fabulous, great reviews for my new album, lots of people on my concerts. So I just wanna say thanx a lot everybody!
Here is a link to some interviews I've done recently:






Your Pal Bjorn b.
10/11/2011  THANX A LOT, FOLKS!!!!
Hi everybody!
The first round of my Blackwood-tour is over, it has been really Great. Thank you for coming to my shows and buying the new album, it's been a real pleasure!
The second round of the Blackwood-tour will start 20. January. I will do many more gigs in Norway, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Canada etc. I really hope to see there!
Your Pal, Bjorn b.
Hi Folks!

I'm very proud to tell you all that I have finnished my new album these days. It will be released in Norway 26. August and the rest of Europe in 13. October. On this album I've gone back to my "roots", that means more guitar oriented songs with a taste of rock and funk :-)
If you go to my myspace site, you can hear a new song form the album(let me know what ya think)
The new album is called BLACKWOOD.
You may have noticed that I haven't done much touring lately, that's because I needed a break and to work on new songs etc.
I will do a lot of touring this fall and next year, promoting the album and of course to play for YOU!!! But before that I will do 5 shows in Paris this summer and couple of concerts in Norway too.
I wish you all a Great summer and see you soon!

Your friend, Bjorn b.
7/8/2009  UK RELEASE!!!!
FRETWORK is finally gonna be out in the UK 9. August!!! After the Great response from the audience when I visited London and Manchester in July, I´m jolly happy to anounce the official release of The Great Album; FRETWORK on Monday!
Your Pal Bjorn B



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